The Missile Command meets To-do list. Bring your gamer sense of strategy to your daily To-do list. This is the tool for everyone with just 24 hours but a lot in their minds.

Stunning visualization

The tasks from your to-do list take on the shape of falling alien objects from space, racing towards planet earth destined to impact with catastrophic results on the eve of their deadline.

Only you have the power to defend your planet against this catastrophe. Complete the task before the time runs out.

analytics_p6Performance analytics

Leverage the built-in analytics to plan and improve your game. See where most of your time is spent, which kind of tasks you are really good at and which needs more work.

notes_p6Add Notes

Create notes in your own way.

iphone6_filter_350Divide and conquer

Organize and filter tasks using tags. You know your life the best. Create the filter that works for you.

Organize your task the way you like it.

Changing deadlines is as easy as moving task across the screen with a wipe. No complicated forms to mess with.

For a limited time it’s only $0 instead of $1.99

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